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Jul 15, 2020

It seemed pretty unlikely that Strong Songs would ever cover John Cage's infamous "silent" composition "4'33", so we figured, on this off-week, it'd be fun to run an episode of the fabulous podcast Twenty Thousand Hertz on the subject instead.

(Also, Kirk and 20KHz host Dallas Taylor like one another's shows and decided to do a little cross promotion.)

This episode originally ran on January 22, 2020, and the full show notes and credits are below. You can find out more about Twenty Thousand Hertz at the show's website,

This is a really cool podcast episode. Hope you dig it!

ORIGINAL 20KHz SHOW NOTES (Aired 01/22/2020)

This episode was written and produced by Martin Zaltz Austwick.

John Cage was a respected composer when, in 1952, he created his “silent piece”, 4’33’’ - a piece that would have the music world scratching their heads. This episode asks whether 4’33’’ is really “silent”, and we explore the history of a piece musicians still talk about today - and speak to the man who campaigned to get it to the top the British charts in 2010. Featuring composers Kyle Gann and Nahre Sol, and artist Dave Hilliard.


Plastic Furniture by Audioblocks
Sleepwalker by Hey Lunar
Minor Stretch by Sound of Picture
Footnote by Martin Zaltz Austwick
A Bad Crossword (Instrumental) by Martin Zaltz Austwick
Snowmelt by Martin Zaltz Austwick
Slow Minnesota by Martin Zaltz Austwick
Am Trans by Martin Zaltz Austwick
Got Spark by Martin Zaltz Austwick

Twenty Thousand Hertz is produced out of the studios of Defacto Sound, and hosted by Dallas Taylor.

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